Food & Work – Argh!!! can be a nightmare sometime:
Food & Work – Argh!!! can be a nightmare sometime:

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Food & Work – Argh!!! can be a nightmare sometime:



Who of you does not struggle between work, kids and house?

Thus sometimes the time can be very tyrant (ok ok lets say always!!!) and everyone of us has a lack of time and for this reason, more than one time I thought “I am so busy that I have in my mind just the words — “I CAN NOT HANDLE THIS. What can I do? and in the meantime, the mealtime is approaching . I am Italian so the food above all the healthy one, is important, also my “free” time is.

This food is healthy even for the kids.

You have got it right: even for the KIDS. I hope you do not mind if I will try to share with you a few recipes.


I am Italian I think I have said it before, right?
I am not a big fan of gluten so I prefer gluten free Pasta, Rice, Quinoa or Rice noodles.

My First Dish is:
PASTA WITH HAM (uncooked):

I just boil my Pasta “al dente” with salt, and simply add

* Uncooked ham finely chopped.
* Extra virgin olive oil
* Parmigiano cheese on top

Sometime I use tuna (in spring water) instead of ham: I like to make some change.
So I boil my pasta (or rice, quinoa it depends on your taste) with salt: I add
* Tuna
* Extra virgin olive oil
And NO parmigiano cheese with fish, tuna in this case (these are two flavours that do not match together)

With the rice or quinoa sometimes I add some boiled eggs, finely chopped.
This dish is good even if you have prepared it the day before and kept it in the fridge.
So we can say:
* Rice or quinoa boiled with salt 200 gr in total (150 gr for quinoa)
* two medium eggs boiled

* one big tuna can (spring water) well drained.
This is the right amount for two people.

My second Dish is:
POT PIE WITH VEGETABLES: (I know the pastry contains gluten, but I was not able to find one gluten free so far)

* 2 sheets of puff pastry, one piece for the top and one for the bottom (in the middle the filling)

You can fill the cake with cooked (boiled) vegetables that you like, for example with mushrooms and cooked ham or spinach and cheese like mozzarella. My favourites are: with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese or with cooked ham and mozzarella cheese.

Tips: DO NOT forget the baking paper on the roasting pan.
When the cake is filled, close carefully the edges using a fork to push the dough.
On the top of the cake, lay a thin layer of beaten egg yolk, using a pastry brush if you want. Our delicious cake is now ready to be baked. In the preheat oven for around 30minutes at 190* or ….  Until it becomes nicely golden. Take it out from the oven and wait at least 10 minutes before serving.

Also, this cake can be eaten the day after even cold. If you prefer to warm it for a little bit, you can do it in the microwave.

My third Dish is:
This one is one of my favourite, I consider this a complete meal.

*Quinoa boiled 75 gr for person
*Steamed Salmon, perfectly moist, and smashed with a fork
*extra virgin olive oil
and enjoy it

This one is another dish that you can save and keep in the fridge.

To save dish is very useful when you do not have time to cook, so you even cook big portions.

Just a couple of rules to follow:

– If you stored the meal in the fridge: take out the dish from the refrigerator at least 30 minutes before eating it.
– if you like to warm the dish of pasta, rice or quinoa add some water to avoid it to become dry, but be careful as pasta, rice or quinoa  become overcooked very quickly and this is absolutely not good, as they become stodgy.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my post with tips and recipes and if you try some dish and you like sharing your experience here you are welcome.

Now you can have fun and think a new ingredient to put in your pasta or pot pie or just combine them as you like

and Buon Appetito!!!

Watch my Youtube Channel: “Smartwise Virtual Assistant” for a video recipe



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