How I find clients on LinkedIn
How I find clients on LinkedIn

Hi All,

I am sharing my diary with you to show you my usual way to find clients on LinkedIn.

DAY 1:  During my daily browsing on LinkedIn I found a potential client in the Estate Agency sector, so immediately took note of his details: his name; the name and address of his company, his email address, etc.… In this case it is about Mr. W the manager of an estate agency based in central London, and straight away I sent a connection request with a personalized message.

Here is the template:

“Dear…., I saw your profile and I would be interested in learning more about your business, and also I would like to connect with you on LinkedIn



….. ……”

Day 2: Mr. W accepted my connection request. Now it is time to send another message to him: Here is the template of the text:

“Hello Mr. W., thank you for taking the time to connect. Regards. Alessia”

NOTE: I never try to sell my services directly, through my messages to connections on LinkedIn.

Day 3: I started to “study” Mr.W’s profile to find out which kind of groups he is a member of.

Then, I requested to join these groups as well.  When they accept me, I start to post things that could be relevant to that group. For example, my attention was caught by a relevant article on Google, so I shared this article with the estate agency’s group. Mr. W was active in posting on this group so I started to like and comment on his posts, in a pertinent manner.

In this way, I became familiar to him.

This process can take at least a couple of weeks.

Day 14: I send the new contact a polite email:  “Hello Mr.W, thanks again for connecting with me. I’ve been following you on LinkedIn, and I find your line of work very interesting.

Perhaps I might be of help in the near future. In the meantime, if you would like to have a look at my website here is the link: ………..”

A this point I’m hoping that Mr.W may be interested enough to have a look at my website.

Day 18: Mr. W contacted me asking for a Skype call, that we agreed to make the following day.

Day 19: SKYPE CALL (Usually the call lasts from 30 min to 1 hour) During our Skype call Mr.W asked me some questions about my business, and together we discussed how I could help him and his business.

He needed help with a marketing campaign through Mail Chimp; help with a Facebook marketing campaign; his business Facebook page; Twitter; flyer design and updating his website with properties and video tours of properties.

He became my client: yay!


After our Skype call, as agreed, I sent him my welcome pack with contract, terms, and conditions etc.

Day 20: Today I received back my signed contract, with an agreement for the deadline of the project.

I know it seems a very long process and it is, just to give you an idea, my success rate 2 of 5 usually, it works. This process can take longer and I only gave you one example.

Of course, I have potential clients that send me connection requests too, and I follow more than one “potential client” at the same time.

I hope that this “diary” helps you to have more knowledge about LinkedIn, and to understand how this platform can be very powerful for you and your business.


Thanks for your attention

Alessia Nunziatini  (Virtual Assistant)




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