San Valentine “THE LOVE IS HERE”

Hey! San Valentine is here. Today is the day 14th of February, even though who loves celebrates this great day all year!

Can you smell the love’s aroma in the air? Here at my home we are very inspired during this period of the year, and I put all this inspiration and passion everywhere, to give the opportunity to those who have the heart in love around me, like I have, to show the loved one all their sentiment, as I do.

I thought that this special day helps us to show this feeling, let me be your ambassador. I celebrated this day in my country, Italy, for a long time and now here in the UK, the celebration is almost the same, flowers, roses, presents, romantic dinner.

Really the “Love is in the air” – I love my husband Max! – Max I love you.

I know this day makes me sweet, it is sappy, but it is my romantic idea! I admit…



In this mode, I wish “HAPPY VALENTINE DAY” to everyone.




from SmartWise VA

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